Why does Dorje Shugden appear so fearsome?

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Kwai Chang Caine: Master, why does such a fearsome statue stand at the entrance to our peaceful place?

Master Po: These are the threshold guardians, grasshopper, set here to keep away those not ready for the
silence within.

Kwai Chang Caine: Must they be so… horrible?

Master Po: Those incapable of understanding the Way see things divine as monsters. Better for them never to
enter here.

Kwai Chang Caine: Yet if a man is unafraid of stone, he may pass unhampered!

Master Po: He may physically pass the guardian, but if his mind is in the outer world, he will leave us, in time,
to rejoin it.


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One Response to “Why does Dorje Shugden appear so fearsome?”
  1. Arisa says:

    The questions and answers between Kwai Chang Caine and Master Po have very good logic in the Spiritual sense. That is very true. You need a fearsome Buddha to scare away those who are deluded with negativities in their minds when they are not ready to accept Dharma teachings yet. If they are not ready it will do more harm then bringing benefit to them. Until they have collected enough merits to help them to understand and have deeper knowledge of the Dharma. A Protector like Dorje Shugden will help to protect them having wrong views until they are ready. That is why Dorje Shugden who is also a Buddhha appears in a wrathful and fearsome form to help and scare away any negative forces that may be an obstacles to understand the Dharma.

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