Monastery with Dorje Shugden in Mongolia

Video: Amarbayasgalant Monastery in Mongolia

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Two miles to the west of the monastery, on the hillside on the opposite side of the Even River, is the newly constructed Dorje Shugden Temple. Formerly there were three temples here dedicated to Zanabazar, Dorje Shugden, and the Eighth Bogd Gegen. These were destroyed in the late 1930s. The Dorje Shugden Temple was rebuilt and two large stupas constructed in place of the temples of Zanabazar and the Eighth Bogd Gegen. Between these stupas eight slightly smaller stupas have also recently been constructed. The lone stupa higher on the hill is an original dating from 1868. Within the temple itself is a large statue of Buddha flanked by hundreds of clay statues of Zanabazar fashioned by local monks. There is also a thangka of Dorje Shugden. According to the caretaker, devotees of Dorje Shugden from many foreign countries have come here in recent years to do meditation retreats.

Prime Minister of Mongolia Nambar Enkhbayar visits Amar Mur,
Amarbayasgalant Monastery’s center in Ulan Bataar, capital of Mongolia

Guru Deva Rinpoche’s Amarbayasgalant Monastery in Mongolia

Visitors streaming towards Amarbayasgalant

The Even Valley from one of the ovoos behind the monastery

The Dorje Shugden Temple, located about a mile from Amarbayasgalant

Dorje Shugden, one of the Protectors of Amarbayasgalant

Eight ovoos at the Dorje Shugden Temple, said to
represent the Eight Bogd Gegeens of Mongolia

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3 Responses to “Monastery with Dorje Shugden in Mongolia”
  1. Lord Setrap says:

    Yes, but where are the other Dharmapalas, you know, like Palden Lhamo and BEGTSE?

  2. emiko says:

    i like a Amarbayasgalant monastery :)

  3. Sarah says:

    This Mongolian monastery is very beautiful and there is a temple dedicated to Dorje Shugden! In its heyday, the monastery had 2000 monks and many precious statues which were destroyed. It looks like the Mongolian government is taking responsibility for the maintenance of the monastery. This will attract visitors and bring in needed revenue. This is one monastery I’d like to visit.

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