Dalai Lama Taken to Court for Religious Discrimination

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The Dalai Lama has been taken to court for religious discrimination for his ban on the Buddhist deity Dorje Shugden.


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2 Responses to “Dalai Lama Taken to Court for Religious Discrimination”
  1. Thomas Canada says:

    Scion of the Dharma! Lord Shugden request that all Defender of the Dharma Lineage join in Battle to dispel this Lama’s spell on the Sentient Beings.

    Go to Bloomington this Spring and sing the Protector’s Song and Obliterate Ignorance and Despotism within this Dalia Lama, Now!

  2. Thomas Canada says:

    March 9th,2010 is the next Court date Hearing for the Dalia Lama to answer to Charges of Religious Persecution.

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