World’s largest Dorje Shugden statue in Gonsa Monastery, Kham


Denma Gonsa Rinpoche is a great senior lama and student of both Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche and Pabongkha Dechen Nyingpo. He transmitted the pure teachings to his district people and 600 monks of his monastery. This great Monastery houses 12 story high Main image of Je Tsongkapa and has beautiful Chapel to Dorje Shugden. Dorje Shugden is the main Dharma protector of this vast Monastery again in Kham.

The current Kyabje Pabongkha Choktrul Rinpoche incarnation travelled often to this Monastery to recieve rare teachings, practices and commentaries from Kyabje Denma Gonsa Rinpoche.

Kyabje Denma Gonsa Rinpoche passed away last year. He told his main attendents before passing away that a few boys will be claimed to be his incarnation. But the real incarnation will recognize himself. He will recite the Root tantra of Guhyasamaja from memory perfectly. Only enthrone this boy as my real incarnation.

His Holiness Kyabje Denma Gonsa Rinpoche

The picture below was taken a few years ago, showing the main white building before the Dorje Shugden chapel is built

Picture below: Left (white) houses the Largest Tsongkapa statue in the world being 31 meters or 101ft. The newly built building ( yellow) to the right houses the largest Dorje Shugden statue in the world. It is a Dorje Shugden chapel with a Dorje Shugden statue which is 6 meters or 18 feet tall

The 6 meter (18 feet) Dorje Shugden statue, read more about this magnificent statue here:

Completed 18-ft magnificent Dorje Shugden statue

The beautiful stupa that enshrines the remains of Denma Gonsa Rinpoche. This powerful tulku has already taken rebirth and will be recognized soon. He will be recognized in a place that will be in Tibet and safe


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Watch this excellent video on Dorje Shugden produced by Denma Gonsa Rinpoche’s Monastery
showing beautiful thangkhas and footages in the monastery.



5 Responses to “World’s largest Dorje Shugden statue in Gonsa Monastery, Kham”
  1. R says:

    The picture at the top shows the main temple only. The later pictures show the Chapel (yellow in color) newly built housing the large Dorje Shugden statue. Beautiful.


  2. R says:

    The picture at the top shows the main temple only.

    The later pictures show the Chapel (yellow in color) newly built housing the large Dorje Shugden statue next to the main chapel. Beautiful.


  3. Erik Brandt says:


    very nice!! And interesting, to see.

    Near Ganze I saw also a smal hal for Dorje Sugden.

    Whwere is theis situated??


  4. Dear Sir,

    I am Cheng Kei Fei@Cheng kei Hong,aged thirty eight,from Malaysia.I am interested in coming to Denmo Gonsa Ronpoche Monastery to indulge in buddhist study and practice for mlong term.Could you please kindly tell me how to go about it?
    I am a tibetan Nyingma Choling Tesar buddhist but have received blessings from many other lineages Rinpoches and Lamas.
    I have gone through a lot of personal problems with the Thailand geomancy masters as well as some tibetan Lamas.They hax me black magic,charms,spells and evil spirits.
    Couid you please kindly furnish me with your contact information :Monastery address,telephone number and email?

    I look forward to hearing you soon.

    With best wishes,

    Yours faithfully,

    Cheng Kei Fei@Cheng kei Hong

  5. Sarah says:

    This is a beautiful monastery with scenic landscape. The Tsongkhapa statue is magnificent and the paintings on the walls are beautuful too. I can’t wait to see the statue of Dorje Shugden when it is completed.

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