Monastery with Dorje Shugden in Nepal


(extracted from the Forum) H.E. Tritul Rinpoche of Taiwan is building this new monastery that incorporates Dorje Shugden as the main protector. When completed, it will house over 1,000 monks and located in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is incredible. The work started around a year ago and is in full progress now.

Another Monastery with Dorje Shugden as it’s main protector springing up. That is fantastic.

Also Tritul Rinpoche is simultaneously building a Dorje Shugden based Monastery in Taiwan. Fantastic!


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  1. lama rignga says:

    so haapy to know this.I am also the one of his student from batch 1997.Since 1999 i havent meet H.E Tritul rinpoche but still had a faith and proud for him who is doing so many good things specially about DS.Today what i am is coz of H.Eminems Love and i am proud that i am on the right path. I Respect you always and bow for your huge contribution.

  2. losang says:

    Before this, Tritul Rinpoche is a Gelugpa’s guru, so he did not give up Shugden.
    But Since 2008.01.01, His Holiness Tritul Rinpoche already recover the Atisha’s Kadhampa. Tritul Rinpoche said that when Atisha brought his teaching to tibet, when the beginning of Kadhampa on 1042, no Shugden at that time, so the kadhampa that he recover have no Dorje Shugden anymore since the day the recover Atisha’s Kadhampa.
    [Shugden is protector of Gelugpa, but no Kadhampa, because Atisha does not pratice Shugden, so Shugden no exist in Kadhampa, even today]

    Prove: (Youtube, the disclaimer of Tritul Rinpoche]

  3. Sarah says:

    This is a huge monastery built to house 1000 monks. It looks beautiful with traditional architecture and decorations. May there be lots of teachings in this holy place and may it benefit both monks and lay people alike.

  4. Arisa says:

    H.E. Tritul Rinpoche is building a big Monastery with Dorje Shugden as the main Protector. Then if there are no other Deities in the Monastery. I think with just one Protector Dorje Shugden is good enough and powerful to protect the Monasteries and its followers. For Dorje Shugden is connected with Tsongkapa Gelupa Lineage Guru. I have noticed those Monasteries that houses Dorje Shugden are large and beautiful. So I guess Dorje Shugden would have helped in finding sponsorships to build the Monastery. where Dorje Shugden is nothing will fail. Dorje Shugden is a Buddha. He will not make his Monasteries or his followers suffer if they practice him with full faith.

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