Powerful Protection Against Spirits or Black Magic

There are many types of protection one can have, dependent on the spirit or malady, but one of the most powerful is relying on the benevolent protector DORJE SHUGDEN.

Dorje Shugden’s rites, rituals, prayers, meditations and protective mantras are hailed as one of the best. This practice is excellent to do daily to bless our premises as it is very effective. One can download a picture, keep in one’s home and ask for sacred protection. Many can attest that Tibetan protection is ancient and powerful.

tashilunpoDorje Shugden puja being done at Tashilunpo Monastery

Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetan High Lamas are the world’s experts for exorcism and casting out of spirits. In the east, where magic is prevalent even in today’s times, it is considered the best. Many people who are afflicted with the Chinese mountain magic, Thai magic or Indonesian magic are very hard to cure. Spirits follow them and many disasters happen. They always seek Tibetan Lamas for healing and getting rid of evil spirits, black magic or purifying unclean places. In the Tibetan tradition, people are very familiar with protection against negative forces, spirits, spells, and bad energy.

There is a wonderful practice that any layman can do, which is invoking upon a very powerful yet benevolent Protector – Dorje Shugden. We can do his prayer followed by mantra daily. This can be done in one’s home, before travels or during crisis situations. Daily prayers to Dorje Shugden would be good also. Reciting prayers to Dorje Shugden, offering one’s fears and reciting the mantra daily is very powerful for protection against the most ferocious spirits or demons. This ancient protective practice from the High Tibetan lamas is the best.

Daily prayers and invocation to Dorje Shugden also bless the environment and give peace. When we do prayers to invite Dorje Shugden to our place and to bless and protect our abode, Dorje Shugden comes from holy power places throughout this planet, other realms and different Buddha Fields. One of the power places that Dorje Shugden resides in is Shambala, a mystical land filled with spiritual practice and spiritual beings. So it is a very holy and sacred practice of Tibet.

Dorje Shugden’s sacred mantra is: OM BENZA WIKI BITANA SOHA

Recite this daily for blessings. This can be recited as much as possible. The pronunciation is not a worry.


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2 Responses to “Powerful Protection Against Spirits or Black Magic”
  1. Arisa says:

    I have often heard that Black Magic and spirits have always been used on people due to a lot of unsatisfied circumstances concerning love, business, revenge etc. These people have gone to seek bomohs, sorcerors, Thai bomohs etc to rid them of the black magic that has been done to them. And they have to pay lots of money for these services. But most will not be able to rid of the stronger ones affected because of the lowly gods or spirits that is used to fight them. I have read that Tibetan methods are most powerful. Dharma Protectors are used to rid and protect but not to harm. One of the powerful Protectors is Dorje Shugden. He is the wrathful emanation of Manjushri and he is also a Buddha.

  2. Rinchen says:

    Black magic is very common nowadays. In my opinion, magic in general (no matter black magic or white magic) is something that is very selfish for people to use. They use magic for their personal gain, harming others along the way.

    Although it is said that white magic helps others, but I believe that unless that “magic” that is cast is performed by an enlightened being, there will definitely be consequences together with effects to the person who benefited from the magic.

    Whereas, for prayers and Buddha practices, in this case Dorje Shugden practices. It is not only beneficial but also good for us. Because when we do prayers, chant mantras, etc. we are actually purifying our own karma as well. In addition to requesting for things that we want to have or motives that we want to achieve. Through prayers, no negative or harming actions can be done on others, only ways to help and benefit others can be performed.

    Dorje Shugden practices are very beneficial to all of us irregardless of the situation. For an example, when we are faced with obstacles, we can do Kawang to help us clear our obstacles that is being placed in front of us. Hence, I would say that by doing Dorje Shugden practices is beneficial not only to our daily lives, but also to our spiritual path.

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