Dorje Shugden Monastery in Chakzamka, Riwoche, Tibet Kham Area

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The practice of Dorje Shugden is widespread in Kham area of Tibet, this is one of them, a
monastery in Chakzamka, Riwoche, Tibet Kham Area

昌都地区类乌齐县甲 桑卡土登达吉林护法殿



2 Responses to “Dorje Shugden Monastery in Chakzamka, Riwoche, Tibet Kham Area”
  1. Sarah says:

    Judging from its apprearance, the Dorje Shugden Monastery in Chakzamba, Riwoche, in the Kham area, is very old. It has many thangkas of the protector, which because of their age and artistic value, should be preserved for posterity. They represent the history of a tradition and will be useful for researchers who wish to find out more about this special practice. Besides the video, it’d be good to have a short write-up on the history of the monastery. I hope to visit this place one day and look at the old thangkas.

  2. arisa says:

    By watching the video I would comment on the Monastery with a different view. Although the Monastery is small everything inside the Monastery is very beautifully decorated with Thangkas and statues that todays sculpture work cannot be compared to the Traditional workmanship which is done by hand. In the modern times work are done by machine and can be reproduced again. I notice at the back of the Monastery is a range of mountains which can give peace and serenity when one is there. It is a good environment for meditation. Only people in the mountains like the Kham District in Tibet will give the faith and believe in Dorje Shugden without questioning. In Kham District majority of Tibetans pray and believe in Dorje Shugden.

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