Tritul Rinpoche’s Temple in New Zealand

This new temple of Tritul Rinpoche’s organization opened recently in Auckland, New Zealand


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3 Responses to “Tritul Rinpoche’s Temple in New Zealand”
  1. Dragpa Zopa says:

    This is wonderful to see that Dorje Shugden practitioners setting up temples/monastery/centers around the world. May Dorje Shugden’s practice be well established every where and may Lama Tsongkhapa’s teachings prevails and flourish everywhere.

  2. losang says:

    Before this, Tritul Rinpoche is a Gelugpa’s guru, so he did not give up Shugden.
    But Since 2008.01.01, His Holiness Tritul Rinpoche already recover the Atisha’s Kadhampa. Tritul Rinpoche said that when Atisha brought his teaching to tibet, when the beginning of Kadhampa on 1042, no Shugden at that time, so the kadhampa that he recover have no Dorje Shugden anymore since the day the recover Atisha’s Kadhampa.
    [Shugden is protector of Gelugpa, but no Kadhampa, because Atisha does not pratice Shugden, so Shugden no exist in Kadhampa, even today]

    Prove: (Youtube, the disclaimer of Tritul Rinpoche]

  3. Sarah says:

    From the outside, it looks like an ordinary house; inside it is a real temple, with altars and Buddha statues. Above the door, it clearly says “Kadampa Buddhist Society”. So is Dorje Shugden practiced here? In the video showing the opening ceremony in 2008, there is a real Maori welcome. In the audience, one can see people from different ethnic backgrounds listening to the prayers. There is also a performance by musicians and singing of a Buddhist song. This shows that there is a blend of religion and local culture and this is important to bring people to the Dharma.

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