Removing Curses and Negativity


Does anyone here know how to remove curses and negativity from places and objects? If our prayer beads,sadhanas and other ritual objects is being tainted by the touch of those who slander our Spiritual Guides, Deity or Dorje Shugden, is there anyway to cleanse them and restore their purity?


I will do a short explanation for you and hope it helps.

1. There is the general methods and Tantric methods. The Tantric methods I will not go what is beyond allowed.

You have to identify if you can where the curses or negativites are coming from.

For example if it is a lot of general talk, malicious talk or jealous talk towards you then a Sutra called Miga Tramdo can be recited by you or for you. That is especially for turning back the effects of speech from many that could hurt you. Speech can turn into something physical that interferes with you.

If it is a land god, or regional deity, then there’s a short ritual you can do to make offerings to them as friend to friend in the Shugden Kangsol or lama chopa (tsok leftover) that can be extracted.

If you have offended a spirit, you may generate loving compassion or think good thoughts and apologize. Heart Sutra and refuge formula (Namo Guru Bey, Namo Buddhaya, Namo Dharmaya, Namo Sanghaya-no limit-one mala a day or more.) would be powerful antidotes if recited with deep conviction.

None of the recitations or rituals should be done with the intent to harm the land, god, ghost or whatever. It should be done with the altruistic wish for their liberation and planting seeds in the mindstream. Also to purify the karma you have to be able to recieve this type of harm at all.

For curses, spells or black magic that you are confirmed about, depending on the intensity the following pujas can be selected:

Sheningdodo (heart sutra WITH ritual)
Gyabshi (four hundred offerings)
Dukkar dondo
Protector Puja
Dukkar Se Sum (Dukkar, Singdogma and Heart Sutra recitation)
Receiving Vajra Yogini or Yamantaka Kakko (short ritual done by lama to block interferences)

The above are just some to name a few. Consult a lama. There are more, but I am giving general ones. They can be done in any Gelug Monastery.

Personal recitations/prayers/mantras/sadhanas for repelling curses, spells and black magic can be any of the below or combination:

Reciting one’s guru’s personal name mantra
Singdongma Goddess
Ekazati Goddess
One’s protector
Black Manjushri
Hayagriva (Thamthing Samdrup)

If one has the higher annuttara tantric initiations  then:

Yamantaka or Vajra Yogini would be very powerful. To engage in their sadhana and focus on:

Soliciting the Lineage lamas and one’s lama during the sadhana very important for the success of practice and dissolving.
Protection wheels
Protection deities/armour in the case of Vajra Yogini
Dissolution and emptiness of all phenomena in either generation or completion stages

Their sadhana/practice should not be engaged in to conquer demons, spirits, black magic, etc, but that would be a side benefit. One should engage in their sadhana with an altruistic motivation wishing to gain great bliss and wisdom (Detong Yermey).

Doing their sadhanas daily will be very powerful and effective protection.

One can also do. But not recommended as you need great skill, good samaya, strong concentration and also have ‘accomplished’ your deity (yidam):

Do one’s meditational deity practice as per the sadhana, then generate the spirit as the deity you are doing, place the spirit as a deity in a pillar, or somthing stable in the house. Bless the pillar to generate it as a divine palace of the deity. Seal the pillar and to the auspicious verses.

Those are the various means I have explained in short and general terms. There are many variations depending on circumstances. The best is to consult a great practitioner, lama or the best one’s own lama. You need not take what I have written and start doing it yourself. I have purposely omitted many details as I am sharing knowledge not writing instruction on how to do. I am letting you know in short what is available in short form.

Those with broken samaya/negative intent who ‘contaminate’ your objects there are a few methods of which any is fine:

Ask a lama to bless
Recite OM AH HUM 108x or more focussing on what you know on Emptiness. Then blow on the object contaminated.
Recite your guru’s name mantra any amount, trust your teacher and bless.
Use the consecrated water from a Trusol ritual to wash the objects
Even your protector’s mantra recitation focussing on altruism is fine.

Any of the above are fine.

If you are doing any of the Annutara tantric deities, then just before the recitation of their mantras in their sadhanas, they have a section to consecrate the mala. That would be very sufficient. In fact any of these practices/sadhanas will consecrate your environment, the objects within, the beings within and more importantly your mind. So hence everything is purified and blessed.

It is said that wherever there is a pure practitioner of Heruka Chakrasamvara/Vajra Yogini, by reciting their 8 line praises, the Dakas/Dakinis from the 24 holy-power spots will converge to bless the practitioner, the environment and all beings in that space immediately. It becomes a sacred environment to plant the seeds of enlightenment in the minds of those beings and visitors.

I wish you luck and speed in your practice always,


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