Shar Gaden Monastery – World Peace Tour



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  1. Joseph Rachel says:

    Will the Shar Ganden tour be coming to Europe?

  2. andrew paisley says:

    It would be great if they came to love to see them and meet them.

  3. Tenzing tsomo says:

    Will the tour be coming to NY, USA?

  4. shugdenpromoter says:

    Do contact the tour director for their schedule. It is important that all of us support this young monastery. They do need the funding at this point in time to continue to spread Dorje Shugden which will benefit many more people.

  5. Sarah says:

    What a great way to promote world peace and also benefit people in the process by conducting pujas and purification rituals. I hope they will travel to many countries including Asia. Non-Buddhist countries also need to be exposed to Buddhist culture and this is one way of introducing Tibetan art and culture to the world. It is interesting to note that it is the monks in the monasteries who are active in preserving the traditional Tibetan dances, religious art and ritual practices.

  6. Arisa says:

    Is that for Political reasons the Ganden Monastery is now devided into two groups of practitioners. I understand it is because of a controversy between the Tibetan people and the Tibetan government over a certain Protector. The Dharma practice is still the same . The founder is the same which is Lama Tsongkapa of the Gelug Lineage. The Head is still the Dalai Lama. The object of the obstacles is of a certain Dharma Protector called Dorje Shugden. The World Peace Tour which has started and conducted by Shar Gaden Monastery is very good to educate the followers and students world wide to understand and clear their doubts of Dorje Shugden so that there will be peace and harmony in the Spiritual world.

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