Dorje Shugden in Denma Gonsa Rinpoche’s Monastery

In Tibetan language:

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In Chinese language:
Watch this excellent videos on Dorje Shugden produced by Denma Gonsa Rinpoche’s Monastery
showing beautiful thangkhas and footages in the monastery.



8 Responses to “Dorje Shugden in Denma Gonsa Rinpoche’s Monastery”
  1. 向巴阿旺 says:

    Welcome you have to go to Tibet Qamdo riwoqe County, A Sankar soil Dengda Ji temple to “” “` His Holiness Kyabje Trijang Dorje Chang, His Holiness Kyabje Pabongka Dorje Chang,
    Venerable Gonsar Rinpoche, His Eminence Gangchen Choktrul Rinpoche of Sera Mey Monastery, HE Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, NKT HE Lama Loden Sherab Dagyab Rinpoche, Drepung Gomang Monastery His Eminence Kyabje Dagom Rinpoche,
    ,,,,,, Sapporo That Rinpoche, Zhandu solid Rinpoche
    As well as all the teachings of Buddha to safeguard innocent Luosangzhaba Khenpo Geshe other “” `
    I hope you come to Tibet, A Sankar Qamdo Riwoqê County Soil Dengda Ji temple promote the teachings of the Gelug Sect.
    Please contact me: 13989053823 “to the Palestinian> [email protected]

  2. nyiga says:

    i like shugden

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love Dorjeshugden

  4. Anonymous says:

    From Mongolia
    You always help me Thank you Dorjeshugden

  5. Sarah says:

    The Denma Gonsa Rinpoche’s monastery is a very big and very beautiful monastery with many Dorje Shugden statues and thangkas. In the videos, both in Tibetan and in Chinese, one can witness the centuries-old rituals still practised in the monasteries. I love the singing of the lama, the chanting and the playing of ritual instruments by the monks. They are keeping the tradition alive through their practice. By watching these videos, one can know more about what life is like in the monasteries. It is a pity that there is no write-up on the history of this monastery.

  6. Arisa says:

    Although I don’t understand the Tibetan or Chinese language. By watching the video I somehow admire the rich culture of this Monastery. They have the wrathful and peaceful Dorje Shugden statues looking so life like. I like the beautiful mountain side surrounding the Monastery and the dot like tents where the Tibetans stay. The Architecture shown from the Videos to me is the best and very Tibetan Tradition. The Statues and the Thrones are also very nice. So many monks. Must be freezing cold inside the Monastery. I notice every monk has a long thick coat over their shoulders. You can see hot air coming from their mouths and nostrils when they breathe. To bad cannot get a better write up in English to read.

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