Cultivation of Rice Fields


From 29th of May 2010, Shar Gaden has started cultivating 20 acres of rice fields which were allotted to us during controversial partition in March 2008. In 1960s, Indian government allocated lands properties to every individual of Buzar monks one acre per a monk purposely for farming, so Gaden Shartse had nearly 90 members at the time. Later the allocation of properties including the land were based on quantity of Buzar members.

Even though we have established separate monastery, our manner of conducting puja, sustaining monastic systems and rules and regulations have been remained as same as we used to have to in Gaden Shartse which were assembled by Previous Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche and Kyabje Song Rinpoche.

This unfolding information of activities related to farming has been important since some certain group of people making baseless allegation that Lord Dorje Shugden practitioners especially monasteries are receiving enormous financial patronage from Chinese Administration for many years, as everyone knows that the main source of economy growth of the monasteries in South India are generosity of their benefactors, monks tour program in abroad and profit of selling crops to local distributors etc neither we are involved as mentioned nor other monasteries.


Once Gelong Lepe Karma said “I have been with Gautama Buddha and had examined him for 12 years, and I have not seen a tiny thing in the name of wisdom in him” Maybe this quote will suit very well with these people who are in reality not blind but pretending being blind. Who are getting what and who are involved is concise and most noticeable only if your mind is not partially preconditioned !

In these photos, monks are willingly working co-operatively with the hired Indian villagers in the fields despite of scorching weather 36 D ‘c (fahrenheit)


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6 Responses to “Cultivation of Rice Fields”
  1. apple says:

    Although the monks of Shar Gaden face with much difficulty it didn’t stop them continuing Dorje Shugden practice. I’m happy to see that now they can plant their own rice. I have heard that with the baseless allegation many people has suffer hunger, war against DS practitioner, killing and so on… this is very sad.

    For years there are people praying to non enlighten being like the Bramah (known as 4 face Buddha of Thailand), Nagas, Land Gods, Tree Gods, Mountain God and etc and it did not have any problem. So why make it a big fuss when one wants to practice Dorje Shugden. I believe all faith help us to become a better person so by putting down others that does not make us any superior.
    May Shar Gaden remain and grow far and wide to help the growth of the Dharma.

  2. Sarah says:

    It is good to know that the Shar Gaden monks are independent and supporting themselves through various means such as growing rice and selling the produce to distributors. They also go out on tours in order to raise funds for the monastery. Many monasteries around the world rely on farming and other economic activities, thus becoming self-sufficient and do not have to go on daily alms rounds as was the tradition in India during the Buddha’s time and is still practised in Southeast Asian countries.

  3. Vajrastorm says:

    This is clear evidence that the Shar Gaden (and other monasteries which practice Dharmapala Dorje Shugden) is not receiving any financial support from the Chinese Administration, as some have wildly alleged.

    It is sad that Shar Gaden is being divided by a man-made ‘wall’ from the Gaden Monastery. The sangha in Shar Gaden have a similar manner of conducting their pujas and sustain the same monastic systems as the Gaden Monastery. Also, rules and regulations have remained the same as they used to be when they belonged to the Gaden Shartze. These are the same rules and regulations which had been assembled by the most revered Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche and Kyabje Zong Rinpoche.

  4. Arisa says:

    Shar Gaden Monastery is separated by a wall from Ganden Shartze Monastery. The people from Shar Gaden Monastery are being banned by the Tibetan
    Government for being practioners of Dorje Shugden. And not being allowed to secure a lot of neccessities for their livelihood. But the people never lose heart even with these threats and continue to do their practice of Dorje Shugden. They have formed a new community to build their own Monastery, Shar Gaden. Each refugee was given padi fields land by the Indian Government when they fled Tibet. The people corporated and pooled together their padi fields to grow rice for their sustenance. If Dorje Shugden is evil he would not have help the practitioners to build up their lives again.

  5. DSFriend says:

    It is the kindness of the Indian Government to provide this piece of land… which is another source of income for this monastery. The Indian Government see past religious politics…and that to me is a government which stands for human rights, for their citizens eventhough the monks are considered refugees in India.

    The irony is that the Tibetan Government turned out to ostracize their own people,…Tibetans including monks who exiled from Tibet, who looked for religious freedom and to be close to their Government and Spiritual leader.

  6. Rinchen says:

    This is a very strong evidence to show that the practitioners of Dorje Shugden in India, especially the monks (in this case monks of Sha Gaden) do not receive any financial support from the Chinese Government at all. If they really did receive financial support from the Chinese Government, they would not have to grow their own crops. They would be able to buy their groceries.

    Hence, the theory of the Chinese Government giving money to all Dorje Shugden practitioners are all nonsense.

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