Dorje Shugden – An Illustrated Story

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Now, everyone can travel back in time to learn how an Incomparable Lama arose to become an Uncommon Protector.

Dedicated, talented artists and producers have invested many days and nights to bring this creation to life.

Whether you are a senior practitioner or new, an adult or a child, you will discover the true beauty of this epic tale, narrated for everyone’s listening pleasure.

Turn up the volume and listen closely.

Here begins your illustrated experience with Dorje Shugden.

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14 Responses to “Dorje Shugden – An Illustrated Story”
  1. Sarah says:

    This is indeed the definitive account of Dorje Shugden. Everything we need to know about Dorje Shugden, from his lineage to the practice of this uncommon Protector, is in this video. A lot of hard work has gone into the production of this video and I would like to express my gratitude to all those involved. The illustrator is very good and is able to portray clearly the essential elements that are crucial to the understanding of how Dorje Shugden came into being. As the French say “chapeau!”(hats off to him!).

  2. Big Uncle says:

    Wow! I love several scenes in the video like the scene of Lama Tsongkhapa giving teachings to an assembly of monks in a giant prayer hall. It kinda evoked a very warm feeling and wondered how Lama Tsongkhapa looked like in real life. I wondered where have all the monks during Lama Tsongkhapa have incarnated to. I am pretty sure that many of these monks are highly attained and have control over their rebirth. I heard from some monks heard that high Lamas would joke that taking rebirth in Tushita would not be easy getaway from Samsara as Lama Tsongkhapa would urge his followers to take rebirth in order to benefit others.

  3. Icy says:

    How wonderful, the first ever illustrated story of Dorje Shugden in the World!!! Kudos to the people working on this site and the people who are involved in the project. This is due to the pure dedication and sheer determination to promote Dorje Shugden to the young and old. Thanks a million. The story of Dorje Shugden is easily understandable and accessible to many more. What a clever and skillful way to spread Dorje Shugden. May you who are involved in this have long and healthy lives to benefit numberless beings.

    I am so touched by your efforts and kindness …..

  4. Jessica says:

    This video is amazing!

    I showed it to one of my friends today whom I was trying to explain who Dorje Shugden is, his lineage etc and this video helped me SO MUCH.

    It was easy to explain things after watching the video. Sometimes when we speak it could be a little messy and rather patchy. She came round and after watching the video she came up with lots of question to then I helped filled in the gaps.



  5. DSFriend says:

    How many ways can there be to promote Dorje Shugden? Well, DS.COM has certainly been churning out educational and promotional materials in such innovative and creative ways, professional looking, non-biased messages on a regular basis…with the most comprehensive, easy to understand Starter Kit for beginners, brochures, now an incredible illustrated cartoon and wall papers!

    And everything is made available to us freely. How we can repay the kindness of the people behind this website as well as our Protector is to use these materials and made it known to our friends and via other related websites.

    Let’s get busy!

  6. Thaimonk says:




  7. Varjraprotector says: never stop to amaze me. Apart from providing the platform of interesting updates (not forgetting the big news of Tulku Drakpa Gyeltsen’s reincarnation, Gaden Trisur switch camp joining Shar Gaden etc), brochures download, and now the illustrated comic!

    Thank you team. You guys are really doing a lot to ensure the spread & awareness of King protector Dorje Shugden!

  8. pgdharma says:

    I am truly amazed of what the TEAM can do in such a short period of time…….for giving us this 1st ever audio visual creation of the story on Dorje Shugden
    I rejoice to you guys working behind the scenes, so devoted and sincere and springing surprises like this. I really love the illustrated story with the narration and have listened to it many times. The narrator has a great voice. This illustration concept is easy to understand and remember and even young children can also benefit from it.
    I thank you guys for all the hard work you have put in to promote Dorje Shugden.

  9. dulzin says:

    Admin has added downloadable wallpapers to the front page! Take a look here

    I am using the 1st one with the illustrated image of Dorje Shugden on my laptop and the other with the Potala on my office PC. Just today, the office administrator asked me about the image and that enabled me to show her this website and introduce her to the Dorje Shugden. Although she is an atheist, the illustrated story sparked her interest to do a spot of research herself.

    Thank you admin!

  10. tk says:


    I am continuously amazed at the amount of effort, expenses, time and devotion you put towards the education of Dorje Shugden’ practice. How can I ever thank you enough and show my deepest appreciations?

    I have never come across such a wonderful illustrated story of Dorje Shugden and with a great voiceover. I am amazed at the work. I just saw it on the homepage and feel so excited. Very inspiring. Not too long and perfect.

    So many people will benefit from this. It will even benefit children also. Watching this holy story on full screen on my computer brings tears to my eyes. Thank you.


    Everyone should watch it here:

  11. tk says:

    This is the best dorje shugden site in the world. The most definitive and contains information from all aspects and even provides links to other related sites. Very fair and very open to pro and against Shugden opinions. It’s mission statement is not for bashing the Dalai Lama which is wonderful.

    This site is really dedicated to spreading dorje shugden to as many people as possible through evidence, proof, logic, debate, forum discussion and education. I rejoice.


  12. Mana-Moderator says:

    It is the purpose of this website to:

    1. Bring attention to the ban by showing views from both sides pro-against Dorje Shugden. Let the readers make up their mind.
    2. To promote the practice of Dorje Shugden and to highlight his practice to the world. As there are many other cyberspaces that highlight Shakyamuni/Tsongkapa’s holy teachings, but not many to bring Dorje Shugden to others.
    3. By bringing the authenticity of Dorje Shugden/practice/lineage to the world, it automatically highlights the great lineage lamas under attack at this time. When people gain faith/confidence in the lineage lamas, naturally as a by-product, they will embrace the sacred teachings of Shakyamuni/Tsongkapa. Hence this sacred website automatically leads the practitioners to the authentic teachings of Shakyamuni/Tsongkapa.

    It is not the purpose of this website to:

    1. Be platform for hate messages against the Dalai Lama or any other lama. You may express your views in a polite manner. Whether you like the Dalai Lama or subscribe to some of our views toward his actions is of no consequence to us.
    2. It is not a platform for the views of any centres.
    3. It is not a platform for centers to use it as a platform for their political activities against the Dalai Lama/his actions or any lama/tradition/centres. We respect all forms of Buddhism and all religions.

    This website is PRIVATE CYBER DOMAIN. It is up to the webmaster and our team to follow the views we adhere to from day one of this website’s inception. If you find it ‘extreme’ or not to your liking, then it is up to you not to participate. But we do not need your constant criticism of our views. I repeat, this is a private space and you are a guest.

    We will post any information as and when we like and we do not need anyone’s approval nor disapproval. If you do not like some of the information, then you need not comment and proceed to what you like.

    We are gracious enough to offer a platform for your views although we may not always agree/subscribe to it, but keep your views polite and moderate your speech. Since we are able to offer you a space to share your views, you should appreciate this space where we share our views.

    We have been a platform for anyone who wishes to know more of Dorje Shugden which will enhance their practices of Buddha’s teachings. We have worked hard and long hours. We have spent much resources. We are committed. So I think you should look for the many good points in our efforts and works manifested in this website instead of faults.


  13. Mana-Moderator says:

    It is our true hope by understanding Dorje Shugden better, it removes the ‘faults’ of the lineage lamas. By the lineage lamas having no faults as wrongly described by the TGIE, people will gain faith in them and congregate to them for teachings. This is our hope. What prevents people from going to these lineage lamas is that they practice/teach Dorje Shugden. So if Dorje Shugden’s practice is made clear, it will exonerate the holy lineage lamas. Then people will not criticize the lineage lamas. The lineage lamas alive today will not be seen as deviant, hence many will flock to recieve teachings from them. Far from being deviant, the lineage lamas are perfect vessels of BuddhaDharma. This website definitely promotes BuddhaDharma via Dorje Shugden.

    We are very happy you can make Dorje Shugden well known in the world as it will definitely help the Lineage of Tsongkapa expand in this degenerate age.


  14. Arisa says:

    Why must Nechung come as a White Dove to Duldzin Drakpa Gyaltsen to appeal to him to manifest as a Dharma Protector to guard Je Tsongkapa’s teachings so that his deciples and descending students can use it again to spread the teachings to the world. It is because Nechung is a worldly being and cannot manifest in the form of an enlightened Protector. As a Dharma Protector they must have wrathful energy to protect. So Duldzin has to be strangled with Boddhicitta motivation to show his wrath and became Dorje Shugden.

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