Shar Gaden Monastery Educational Program

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A short informative video about the Educational Program that takes place in Shar Gaden Monastery.
Narrated by a volunteer English Teacher.

This video gives an account of what is a typical day at Shar Gaden Monastery for the monks. Starting from
the moment they wake to how their day ends. There are currently over 700 monks in Shar Gaden.


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One Response to “Shar Gaden Monastery Educational Program”
  1. Sarah says:

    I’d like to thank Tenzin Sungrab for making this video and for providing interesting information on the educational programme at Shar Gaden. Thanks to his effort we are able to witness the daily activities of the young monks and the things that they learn. The monastery places a lot of importance on education. In fact, for some monks from poor families, this is probably the best way to get an education. For Tenzin Sungrab, teaching at the monastery and learning about monastic life is a life-changing experience. What a wonderful and meaningful way to serve others! I wish him success and happiness.

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