Shar Gaden Monastery with Dorje Shugden mantra

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(5:41) A view of activities in Shar Gaden with the Dorje Shugden mantra being recited in the background, set to music.


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One Response to “Shar Gaden Monastery with Dorje Shugden mantra”
  1. Arisa says:

    The feeling I get watching this video is that of peace and having a relaxed mind just listening to DS mantra chanting in the background. I notice there are a lot of small monks happily playing around within the Monastery grounds. The Gompa in the Monastery is also very clean, tidy and spacious with neat sitting arrangements of monks when they do their pujas. The debate courtyard is also very big and also the monks are discipline. Lots of palm trees are also grown to decorate the courtyard. I think Dorje Shugden must have a lot of followers to sponsor this beautiful Shar Gaden Monastery.

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