Inauguration of Jangchup Lamrim Temple, Lumbini, Nepal

Gangchen Rinpoche, Laka Rinpoche, Domo Geshe Rinpoche, Rabten Rinpoche, Shugden Oracle Tenzin Chophel, Lama Michelle Rinpoche

His Eminence Domo Geshe Rinpoche

Rabten Rinpoche (incarnation of Geshe Rabten) and His Eminence Gonsar Rinpoche

The sacred Shrine where Buddha issues forth from his holy mother Mayadevi. Beautiful.

His Eminence Gonsar Tulku Rinpoche. The builder and Abbot of this great Monastery.

Rabten Rinpoche

The abbot of Shar Gaden Monastery also attends. He is sitting on the right

Lama Michelle Rinpoche, Gangchen Rinpoche, Domo Geshe Rinpoche and the Current Dorje Shugden Oracle Tenzin Chophel

Laka Rinpoche, Gangchen Rinpoche, Domo Geshe Rinpoche, Shugden Oracle Tenzin Chophel


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His Eminence the renowned Gonsar Rinpoche has been a firm and strong practitioner of Dorje Shugden since day one. He is the root and heart student of Geshe Rabten and Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche among other teachers. He hails from Sera Je Monastery. He has wonderful centres in Switzerland, Mongolia and Austria.

Gonsar Rinpoche has recently built a beautiful Monastery in the Birthplance of our Lord Buddha in Lumbini, Nepal.

We rejoice another great monastery by Dorje Shugden practitioners has come up. This Monastery is in one of the holiest pilgrimage sites for the Buddhist World-The Buddha’s birthplace. A site visited by thousands per month. What a auspicious site to build a Monastery.



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