French Medium Meets Oracle Nechung

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This is a trailer for a documentary on the State Oracle of Tibet ( Maud Kristen, a renowned French medium, visits Northern India, the bastion of Tibetan civilization in exile, to discover their oracle system. 
She meets Thupten Ngodup, the medium of Nechung, in Tso Pema and follows him on his pilgrimage to the sacred places of Guru Rinpoche, the famous saint who introduced Buddhism to Tibet.

Nechung has been one of the spiritual protectors of Tibet since the 8th century and has, over the years, developed a special relationship with the Dalai Lamas. Nechung manifests through Thupten Ngodup as a state oracle and advises the Tibetan government and the Dalai Lama on important issues…

Maud Kristen is a clairvoyant and psychic, and she became famous in the late 1980s because of her public demonstrations of her gifts of precognition and the many experiments in parapsychology in which she has participated. She is actively campaigning for recognition and a serious study of psychic phenomena by the scientific community.

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