Monastery with Dorje Shugden in Chamdo, Tibet

JAMPA LING, Chamdo, Tibet

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Jampa Ling in located in Chamdo, Tibet. It was buily by Lord Tsongkhapa’s disciple in 1444.
It has 12 dratsangs and there used to be 5000 monks during its prime. It is surrounded by many small chapels,
and is especially famous for its annual “Lama Dance”.

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View Jampa Ling’s brochure in Chinese (large file)

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3 Responses to “Monastery with Dorje Shugden in Chamdo, Tibet”
  1. Sarah says:

    This monastery is very big and quite beautiful, surrounded by mountains. There is much scenic beauty, which is a common sight in Tibet. Although there are less monks now, it’s good to know the cultural traditions are still maintained.

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