Ngawang Drakpa Prophecy & Dhe Tsang monastery

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Ngawang Drakpa is one of Lama Tsongkhapa’s main students. To show his gratitude and appreciation of his Guru, he promised to build 108 monasteries. The 108th monastery he built was called the Dhe Tsang Monastery.

Text from the video:

Ngawang Drakpa once dreamt of a conch shell descending onto his lap from the sky. He blew the conch shell towards the east, and the conch shell produced a loud sound. On hearing that, Je Tsongkhapa prophesized that the disciple will achieve great success in spreading Dharma in Eastern Tibet.

Je Tsongkhapa then presented a rosary to him as a parting gift and asked his disciple to return to Eastern Tibet. On receiving this gift, Ngawang Drakpa vowed he would build 108 monasteries to spread the holy teachings. After returning to Eastern Tibet, Ngawang Drakpa accomplished his mission. At the moment of the completion of the last monastery, which was the biggest monastery he established, Ngawang Drakpa cried “Dhe Tsang!” which means ‘Now it is completed’.


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