Ven’ Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Talking about the Sadhana Quick Path to Great Bliss and Je Pabongka

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When we are practicing this sadhana – sincerely practicing this sadhana – we’re also indirectly… we’re also practicing the essence of practice of all other Highest Yoga Tantra. Because in this sadhana condenses the essence of practice of all the Highest Yoga Tantra, you know.

When we are practicing this sadhana, we also practicing Higher Yoga Tantra, such as Guhyasamaja Tantra, Yamantaka Tantra and Heruka Tantra. Because this sadhana condenses all these practice. So, this is Je Phabongkhapa prepared for us you know. Je Phabongkhapa composed this sadhana – following and based it, or following upon Je Tsongkhapa’s instructional of Gaden Oral Lineage.

So, so from the Going for Refuge through the Daily Action, every practice, based it on the Je Tsongkhapa’s teaching, instructional Gaden Oral Lineage. So, since from that, Vajrayogini practice becomes of the part of the Gaden Oral Lineage.

You are very fortunate to meet such precious instruction and these Lamas and Pabongkhapa. The kindness of these Lamas is… kindness is immeasurable. Immeasurable.

He made, composed this sadhana and commentary to the practice, together we have now, now we have the opportunity to Vajrayogini practice, which is part of the instructional Gaden Oral Lineage and very essence of instruction of Je Tsongkhapa, Wisdom Buddha.

And there, upon that, Je Pabongkhapa put here many, many uncommon practice which are not contained in other Tantric practice. Many, many uncommon practice condensed in this sadhana, you know? And although it condensed all the essence of practice [of] Highest Yoga Tantra such as Higher Yoga Tantra of Guhyasamaja Tantra, Yamantaka Tantra, Heruka Tantra and it also condense many Pe Bum practice, uncommon practice such as, for example, in the Guru Yoga… in the Guru Yoga practice, there is practice called kusali tsok offerings. And this practice is the very Pe Bum practice. Normally, they are in Mahayana Buddhism. There is also koyad pubulor (4:23 inaudible), chod practice, means “cutting” practice. But Kusali tsok offerings is the very essence of practice so this practice…. From my understanding is that more Pe Bum than others. It is Choda is called Kusali Tsok Offerings but in reality is presented that Pe Bum meaning of the Chod practice, “cutting” practice which is very popular in many other traditions you know.

And in the… this is one of the uncommon… Also, during mantra recitation, upon mantra recitation…. In the practice of mantra recitation also contains this uncommon practice of completion stage practice which is the recognizing secret Yogini which you already receive the instruction during initiation, these kind of things. And in such generation, sadhana practice condenses many Pe Bum Completion Stage practice.

(5.56 inaudible) there is a… it contain… they are called uncommon (6:06 inaudible) practice which is (6:10 inaudible) like this, many, many essence of data gathered together – collected in many small booklet. Everything included within small sadhana, you know?

And although it is so many Pe Bum instruction condense by this very simple practice, we all practice simple… it can be practised very easily, suitable for everybody, especially in this degenerate times.

Because it is based on the Gaden Oral Instruction, it is very, very blessed ritual prayer, this sadhana. It is really a priceless jewel.

And in truth, Je Pabongkhapa himself is an emanation of Heruka, himself is not separate from Heruka. He is emanation of Heruka. Even if people (7.34 inaudible) or his disciples and his people commonly understand he will receiving direct vision of Heruka (7.55 inaudible) continually understand himself emanation of Heruka. So, this means that here author of this sadhana is Heruka himself, you know? How we are fortunate, you know? Just having such practice gives encouragement, happy mind you know?

So, now to read this…. he – Je Pabongkhapa – and his heart disciple Kyabje Trijang Dorje Chang, through their kindness, these precious Lamas, now this special instruction, precious instruction flourishing throughout the world. People throughout the world have opportunity to meet a Spiritual Teacher who giving empowerment and commentary to the teachings. They will they have opportunity to read qualified commentary, meet Spiritual Friend who are emphasizing practice of Heruka Body Mandala and Vajrayogini. So, such precious opportunity now experiencing by the people throughout the world, you know? How these Lamas kindness, you know?

This is, I am telling you my own experience, you know? When I dream (9.55 inaudible) in India Vajrayogini and Heruka Body Mandala, Vajrayogini (10.02 inaudible) sometimes I cry remembering the kindness of these Lamas you know, these precious Lamas.

So, we should repay, we need to repay their kindness. Their wish is to flourish pure Dharma throughout the world, to benefit all living beings. So, our dedication is to fulfill these precious Lamas’ wish to benefit others.


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