Shar Gaden Monlam 2011

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“The Great Prayer Festival is dedicated to the long life of holy Gurus of all traditions, for the survival and spread of Dharma to the minds of all sentient beings and for world peace”

It is so wonderful to see the scenes from Shar Gaden at their Monlam 2011 festival. Monks young and old joined together in the celebration.

[1:51-1:53] Many young monks making khata offerings to the erudite Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche.

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Long horns are being played by the monks. The sound of the long horns mimic the trumpeting of the elephants. Long horn music is also used to welcome high lamas coming to teach or give a discourse. It is similar to how Buddha Shakyamuni was welcomed wherever he went with a lot of fanfare and pomp.

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The monks are in a procession during the Monlam festival 2011 singing the Gaden ‘Migtsema’ tune. The melody of the conch signifies the gentle spreading of the dharma. Buddhism is not spread through the use of force. The video concludes when the monk procession returns back to Shar Gaden Monastery.


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