Dagom Rinpoche Guru Puja Commentary

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This video is part 1 (of two parts) of a commentary on the Guru Puja by His Eminence Dagom Rinpoche (in Tibetan, with no English subtitles). Dagom Rinpoche was the highly respected lama who had commissioned the Gelug Lineage tree thangka to include Dorje Shugden among the group of supramundane protectors portrayed in this thangka. One can view the beautiful thangka as commissioned by the previous Dagom Rinpoche at the link below:


In one of Dagom Rinpoche’s previous lives, he was the great Pelgyi Dorje. Pelgyi Dorje had killed the evil King Langdarma, who had been trying to suppress Buddhadharma in Tibet.


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