Inauguration Ceremony November 2007

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The Kadam Tashi Choe Ling dharma centre was founded in 1995 under the spiritual guidance of Kyabje Dagpo Rinpoche. The centre was officially registered as a society on 17th August 2007 under the name of Persatuan Kadam Tashi Choe Ling Malaysia and inaugurated by Dagpo Rinpoche through prayers and an auspicious 4 days of teachings on The Heart Sutra. The event was honoured by Rinpoche himself and included many venerated members of the Sangha community, Dr Thupten Jinpa, translator of His Holiness XIV Dalai Lama, and together with numerous other students from as far as France, Holland, and Indonesia. The mood was one of great joy.

Dagpo Rinpoche’s previous incarnation was recognized as Dagpo Lama Jamphel Lhundrup, one of the main lamas of Pabongka Rinpoche Dechen Nyingpo. It was this lama who was instrumental in bringing out the best in Pabongka Rinpoche. Pabongka Rinpoche became an erudite master of the Lamrim under his lama.


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