Blessed by Shugden – Alice Werner


When I was younger, I was really really bad at Maths. No matter how hard I tried, I really couldn’t do it. No one knew why because I was good in all my other subjects. I was doing my mock examinations and I got 31% so I failed.

It was quite scary because I needed those results to go to college but my mother said no one would accept me because I didn’t even get a C. So I prayed to Dorje Shugden really hard and did his mantra every single day.

Then I had my Maths exam, and it was the real one. When I was waiting for my exam to start, I was sitting with my friend. She had her revision notes but she didn’t want to look at them anymore, I guess the stress of the exam was getting too much for her so she gave me her notes.

Normally when someone gives me their things, I don’t read it but this time I don’t know what happened. When she passed me her papers, I looked at it and saw it was on a topic I had not studied because I didn’t think it was going to come up in the exam.

I thought there was no harm in reading her papers. So in the next ten minutes, I read and memorised everything. When I got into the exam hall and saw my exam questions, almost 80% of the exam was on that topic!

When my results came out, I got 75% and got into an excellent college. I don’t think I would have done so well if Dorje Shugden hadn’t helped me. So many things happened in my favour that I couldn’t have predicted. Even my state of mind was receptive to receiving help. So I really think Dorje Shugden was there for me.

Education is extremely important and I am saddened to learn that the Tibetan children’s education may be compromised by the government’s focus on other issues. I humbly request you to give Tibet a stronger future by providing a good education to your youth, and exposing them to the ways of the world. The old Tibet is gone and can never be regained. I feel it is the government’s duty as Buddhists to educate the population on giving up their attachment for an old Tibet, and to educate the population so that Tibetans can become valued and contributing members of the world.

With concern,

Alice Werner

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