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I wish to share with you this incredible story. How I can never forget the way Dorje Shugden helped my mother in her moment of leaving this life…

Near midnight of 1st November last year, my mother (who had been bedridden and very ill for quite a while) started to show signs of leaving us. My sister, brother and I were by her bedside. Her labored breathing from her mouth subsided and she started to breathe gently from her nose. We thought she was breathing her last and were glad that she was looking peaceful in passing.

However, much to our great dismay, at around 2am she suddenly reverted to gasping and breathing heavily from her mouth and looked very agitated. I had not stopped my recitation of the Protector’s mantra. I entreated Him more earnestly to help my mother leave this life in a state of calm and peace and to take her to a safe good place where she would be practicing the Dharma in her new life.

At around 6.45am, my brother and sister left the room and I was alone with her. I prepared a serkym/black tea offering to the Protector.

I had made the black tea offering to the Protector, whom I saw as one with my Guru, and was reciting His mantra, when I turned round to look at my mother. I saw she had become still and had stopped breathing.

I stepped closer to her. When I bent to look, I saw that her face was in calm, peaceful repose. I touched the crown of her head. It was warm, where the rest of her face was cold. My heart should have been very sad at her leaving us. Yet, my uppermost thought then was one of joy for her. The Protector had come to ease her passing and to take her to a new and happy place!

Thank you, Dorje Shugden, for coming to my help at a time of greatest need. Thank you for the greatest gift of all to my mother!

Doreen Park

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