Blessed by Shugden – Siobhan Lee (nee O’Connell)

Friday, 2 December 2011

Dear sir or madam:

In October this year, I was travelling in Ireland with my family, including my husband and two daughters. One afternoon, we were making our way along a narrow winding mountain road in mist and light rain. The road was wet. My elder daughter, who was driving, suddenly moved the car too far left and hit the curb at the edge of a low ditch. The car skidded. She lost control and crashed the car into the hillside to the left.

It happened so fast that we were all in a state of shock! As the car crashed into the hill side, the airbag, next to my husband (who was sitting on the left seat in front), sprung open and ballooned up! It buffeted my husband against the impact of the crash which almost crushed the door next to him.

Despite the severity of the crash (the car was a wreck after the accident and had to be towed away to the workshop), none of us were even the least bit injured!

I knew then that it was the Protector who had kept us safe; I have no doubts about that. He was there with me and my family, as he always is and will be, to protect us all the way.

I am writing to you, to let you know of the above because it escapes me why you should suppress a deity such as him, when he lacks nowt the slightest intention to harm anyone.

Best wishes,

Siobhan Lee (nee O’Connell)

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