Blessed by Shugden – Wong Jiu Ern


Thanks for taking the time to read this letter. I wanted to write to you on a few things.
Firstly, congratulations on going closer to democracy. I think it is nice because Tibet is a good nation of people. You all deserve to have continued good leadership and also benefit from all the progress that the world is making.
Secondly, I wish to offer my prayers to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. May he live long and spread Tsongkhapa in 10 direction.
Thirdly, I wish to thank you for helping my dharma. In the past, the Dalai Lama practiced Dorje Shukden. He passed this to his student, and from his student who is my lama I received it. As you know, Singapore is one of the most haunted city in the world. Dorje Shukden has been very helpful to me and my family, especially in protect us from black magic.
When my children was younger, they used to be haunted by a dream of a large black thing coming to watch them at night. They have this dream always, maybe one or two nights a week. Sometimes the black thing go near them but usually it stay a litle bit far away from them. You can imagine after a while they also cannot sleep so their mood to up and down, and they also suffer a lot in school.
Anyway I do Dorje Shukden practice and dedicate to them and then after may be one or two months, the dreams become less and less and then after that they stop.
I think without Dorje Shukden my children go crazy already. So I hope you like to read my story. I know you are kind person. Maybe you also have children. I hope one day Dorje Shukden can help you and your family too.

Thanks and many tashi deleg,

Wong Jiu Ern (Felicity)

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