Blessed by Shugden – Chiu Tze Jian


My name is Tze Jian, but all my friend call me TJ. I’m writing coz I want to let you know some good news.

This happen around the time I was going to polytechnic and things werent going so well. My excuse of a dad was beating my mother – come on, I’m not blind okays – and he always stink of alcohol. Then sometimes when my mother asked me to help her do laundry coz she is very pain, I also smell some perfume on his clothes. My mum is not wasteful so she never buy perfume so I think my ‘dad’ got the smell from someone else. Anyway my mum also cannot do anything because she never finish school. So she scared to leave him coz after that, how she take care of herself? And also how she take care of me? So she just tolerate and hopefully it will get better one day.

I complain to my mum but I thought she was talking a lot of nonsense coz she asked me to be patience and forgive my father. How can I forgive the man who hurt our family like that?!?!! I always think I wish he go to hell. I am quite shame now because he is still my father so I shouldn’t think bad like that about him. But anyway the fact is the fact and at the time I think like that.

Anyways there was no one to help me. So my friend told me about this dharma centre in Geylang and I go there to ask for help. The monk there talk about karma and I thought what kind of nonsense is this!!! Then he asked me to do this practice so I do, coz I mean what is there to lose right. I do for a few months then only after that I find out the practice is banned by Tibetan govt. Can you imagine, I was shocked!! I was thinking how come like that coz after I start chanting then my mum become a bit more brave. She secretly go and get a jobs, then one day she also report my dad to police. They take him away, and now he is in alcohol rehabilitation.

So I don’t know why you ban him but anyway, this is how Dorje Shugden had helped me.


Chiu Tze Jian

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