Blessed by Shugden – Samuel Yew

To Whom It May Concern:

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. I just wanted to tell you a short story about how Tibetan Buddhism has helped me and my family.

My daughter and I had been doing Dorje Shugden practice for many years. She started when she was 12 and now she’s 15. She loves singing and dancing. She took part in almost every performance in the school. Last year she was chosen to be the main character for her school yearly musical production and she won the best actress award. I’m happy for her that she enjoy her life every day doing what she’s suppose to do and what she loves to do. She is a vegetarian for many years too.

She had a dream to enter a ladies collage which is also a boarding school. Unfortunately I can’t afford the school fee. But she never gave up. Some time in December last year she told me that she will enter the college but she doesn’t want me to pay for her school fees. Then she went ahead and wrote her school chairman a letter by herself to ask for full scholarship to enter this ladies college. Guest what, her dream came true in 5 days time. To me it’s a miracle. I have no idea how this thing came about. But it can’t be approved in just 5 days! Timing just nice for her to enter the school to continue her year 10. it was a 4 years full scholarship in this ladies college. If not Dorje Shudgen who else has this power to do so? I saved hundreds of thousand!

She was never an A star student but ever since she enter the college she worked very hard to excel herself in her study. But she continue to dance and sing as these are her passion. Besides that she also involved in spiritual work and community activities.

How fortunate she is to start her spiritual path early and with the protection and guidance of Dorje Shugden her life has been guarded. I wish that others may find this benefit too.

I wish you and the Dalai Lama long life. May you and your loved ones always find happiness and good health.

Samuel Yew

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