Blessed by Shugden – Rosie Quah

01/12/2011 12:40 pm


I came to know Dorje Shugden in 2007. I was not seriously doing the practice until when I was going through my divorce. That was when i saw his true power.

I was depressed for many years as my ex husband had been given me a lot of mentally abused and violent. I was helpless at that time cause I felt shame to talk to friends about my family problems. I decided to take refuse to Dorje Shugden and do His 100 thousand mantra retreat to search for the answer to stay for the sake of the children or to divorce.

In the middle of the retreat I saw things changed. Especially my own mind had calm down a lot. My fear had gone. My confidence in myself had getting stronger. I felt my strength coming back for me to fight for my destiny and my freedom. My faith to Dorje Shugden became very strong. I knew He is with me. Backing me up and protecting me. I just follow my heart and everything just came smoothly just like someone already prepare the path for me. Everything turned out well one by one accordingly without hassle or pain.

I successfully divorced in 2008. My 2 children now staying with me. I am running my own business right now. My life has become much more meaningful and I’m doing what I like everyday. I dedicate my merits to my ex husband whenever I pray. I want him to be good. I hope he could start his own life again. We are now in good term like a long time friends. I think without dorje Shugden I won’t be able to walk out from my painful marriage and start my new life again. I’m not saying this to encourage anyone to go for divorce.

After the divorce it’s another stage of my life. I decided to involve myself into spiritual work. I hope I could share what I have gone through with others about how my protector had helped me in my most difficult time when there’s nobody. He held my hand guiding me went through all problems step by step. I can’t describe how powerful He is but i can say He is like a loving mother stroking my back when I was in pain or anger, showing me hope and light for my future.

Look, whatever we face now is our karma. We can’t run away from it. But doesn’t mean we can’t choose to turn to other direction. We are human, we can. Animal cannot. Along the way we might turn to the wrong direction and become degenerate. At this stage spiritual paty is very important. I am extremely fortunate to have dorje Shugden leading me to the right path. I’ll never ever give my Dorje Shugden practice as He is my guru, my protector, my yidam and my family.


Rosie Quah

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