Blessed by Shugden – Debra Jones

Dear sir,

I wish to share with you a story about how your nation’s kind religion has helped me during my darkest days. Some of your deities have been particularly kind towards me, and I cannot thank you enough for your actions in promoting their name until their practices have reached the land I live, and brought me to the point I am today.

I came across this Protector some 10 years ago and was introduced to me by one of my good friends. At that time, I was going through hell in my life, my then husband cheated on me, cut me from all financial aids, and just left me literally empty and even attempted to kick me out of the house we once used to live in.

I was devastated and was willing to chant any mantra taught by my friend in the hope of overcoming this mid life crisis that stumbled out of nowhere in my life. My mind was very confused and unstable, I was literally in a depression for months but with the blessing of the mantra, coupled with the “Black Tea” offering which I did every day, I slowly see my mind shifting from the miserable state of depression to a more fluid state, I somehow understood that this was my karma and that I needed to accept this and not to cling onto a state that would cause me continued suffering as I was attempting to win my husband back.

I certainly did not want to lose all the things that my husband and I have built up and established during our 14 years of marriage, even though I did not get much out of the court settlement, my mind was at peace and I literally did not feel any hostility towards him. I counted this as one of the BIGGEST blessing from Dorje Shugden because I know most divorced couple have much bitterness against each others, especially when comes to separation of money, assets and for most cases, children’s custody. The ease of letting go and forgiving my husband were indeed something I could not have accomplished the journey without the blessing of Dorje Shugden. Dorje Shugden’s blessing is like a candle in my dark room and my darkest state of mind, he made me see the reality that my husband had always been a womanizer and there was no way I could change him which I had tried for years. By accepting this fact, I felt a load of burden off my shoulder. I also could not believe that deep inside, I even wished him happiness with his new acquaintance.

I felt like a newborn with a new outlook the moment I decided that this man was not for me. This blessing of knowing when to “let go” and not clinging onto something that would give me prolonged sufferings has continued to help me with many areas in my life now.

I am grateful with the wisdom that Dorje Shugden has bestowed on the “ignorant” me.

With folded hands,

Debra Jones


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