Blessed by Shugden – C.Y. Chew


The great thing about secular law is that it is written by men so it can always be rewritten or amended. The secular law, unlike karma, is flexible according to the will of the heart. In my case, I have been the beneficiary of two very kind hearts, in the judge and my protector.

In the year 2001, I was having a battling court case in France with my husband on the custody charge of our two children. My chances of winning the case was very slim, as being an Asian and a housewife, I had no financial means and support to proof to the French Court that I was able to support my two children in the event that I was granted as the custodian. Also, there was no Hague Convention Treaty between the country I am living in and France, so any judgement passed in my favour, the judge would really have to consider all pros and cons. In other words, chances are very slim.

I was given this protector practice from my Guru, and I began to develop a strong faith in Dorje Shugden as I did my daily prayers and mantra. When the court case was fixed for hearing, I had to fly to France and stayed there for almost 6 months. I did “Black Tea” offering and protector mantra to ask Dorje Shugden to help clear my obstacles to win this case. I was far away from my home country and my family, yet every day, I would talk to Dorje Shugden as if he was my friend, my only friend then. Somehow I had the feeling Dorje Shugden would help me and brought my children back to me, to my home country where I used to live.

On the day when the judgement was announced, the French judge told me that because there was no Hague Convention Treaty between my home country and France, in most cases, he would have put the children custody to my husband as he was a French national living in France with financial support. However the judge said he had observed that I was a lady of integrity; I had not and did not attempt to take the children out of France during my visiting periods when I was staying there. He granted me full custody of my children. It was like a miracle to me, I was so relieved and instantly in my heart, I thank Dorje Shugden, for without his blessings, I would not have got my children back with me.

My experience with Dorje Shugden is crystal clear, have faith with him and be a sincere practitioner, with great compassion, he will come to our rescue. I hope that your works in promoting my Protector continue to be successful. May his name spread far and wide so that those who find they are without hope, will be relieved of their suffering and find a way out.


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