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Dear sir or madam,

RE: The basis for a free independent Tibet

I have been reading online some information that has greatly troubled me. It is regarding the formation of the Chushi Gangdruk. I recently learned from a reliable source that the group was formed at the insistence of Dorje Shugden, via the Panglung Oracle. This happened in 1956 and without Chushi Gangdruk, His Holiness the Dalai Lama would never have had an escort to guide him safely out of Tibet in 1959.

Therefore to me, the very fact Tibet has even the remotest chance of independence today is because His Holiness the Dalai Lama escaped, due to Dorje Shugden’s kindness. So what confuses me is this – how come the Tibetan people, who owe so much to Dorje Shugden, are so ungrateful?

I truly do not mean to be rude but you see, Dorje Shugden has helped me so much since I received his practice. Dorje Shugden saved my son from a coma – he had swallowed a bunch of anti-depressants and fell into a coma state. It wasn’t until I completed my lama’s advice of a Protector retreat, and 1 million mantras that my son awoke. The timing was incredible too; my son awoke as I recited the final words of my final dedication.

As you can imagine, I am awash with gratitude and for that reason, I continue to do my practice…and it bears results! So I simply cannot fathom how it is the Tibetan government continues to believe they have a realistic chance of gaining independence, if they fail to show gratitude to the very reason they exist.

Tashi deleg to you and the rest of your esteemed colleagues.

With sincere greetings,

Athena Chua

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