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RE: Son, Father, Dharma Practitioner

I grew in a family whereby my parents were constantly at each other’s throats. My dad was a kind of a philanderer, and that brought a lot of disharmony at home. My mum even had her own affair to sort of even up the odds. It certainly was not a good conducive environment to grow up in. There was one instance my father was angry at something that I did not accomplish well, he was heavy handed and he caused my head to bang against the glass door which shattered and caused my head to bleed. It has made me hate my father since that incident.

I became a very angersome young man in my 20’s. Now that I have two boys and a girl and I am a father myself, and I have gotten teachings in the Lamrim and have engaged in Protector Dorje Shugden practise, it was the protector practise which cleared my mind and allowed me to reflect everything that has happened to me had a cause. I am not so innocent after all. The protector practise made all the difference in quality of life. I have traded in solving problems using harsh words and fists with negotiation.

Nigel Tham
Kallang, Singapore

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