Blessed by Shugden – Andreas Mueller


My name is Andreas, most people call me Andi. Sorry for taking your time but I wanted to narrate this story of amazement to yourself.

Can you imagine you are stranded 50 miles from anywhere in the mountains of Austria. I was driving towards the Czech border. I had an important meeting in Czech Republic and I was not to be late. I had no mobile phone with me those days and my car just stalled.

After half an hour checking the car I could find nothing wrong. Imagine me – a mechanical engineer. But I still could not start my car no matter what I tried. A thought came to me maybe it is a good time to pray? So I chanted Dorje Shugden’s mantra after about one round, my car came to live!

When I finally arrived in Czech Republic, I learned that a storm was approaching the road I had used. If my car had not started, I do not know what would have become of me!

Andreas Mueller

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