Blessed by Shugden – Iona Watson

Dear Sir or Madam:

We go through so much hell, finding and maintaining our relationships. I went through a divorce several years back. He was my first true love or so it seemed. One day I caught him cheating on me and I just kind of spiraled down. I turned to drinking and in my drunken stupor I slit my wrist, my brothers discovered me in time to send me to the hospital. I still did not remember that incident well but when I came out from the hospital I realized there was something really wrong with my life.

I knew I needed to seek for help, I went to every temple, church, synagogue looking for how to find some answers to resolution to my unhappiness. I chanted every mantra, prayer I could get my hands on, still nothing offered any respite until I chanted ‘OM BENZA WIKI VITRANA SOHA’. My mind just became quiet all of the sudden, all the anguish was sucked away. That was a turning point for me, as it allowed me to have a safe haven everytime my mind became too heavy and convoluted with too much thinking. The divorce still went through but I was able to carry on life and function normally and even look forward to a better future. Thank you Dharmapala.

Iona Watson from Connecticut

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