Blessed by Shugden – Andy Stoner

To whom it may concern,

I don’t like beating around the bush therefore I am directly informing you the purpose of this letter is to praise The King, Dorje Shugden whom is the greatest Dharma Protector of them all.

For many years now, my family and I have been suffering because of the bad decisions I made in my business dealings. Most of the time when everything has been planned out properly, something negative will appear to impair my dealings. We have been in financial distraught for many years now because of this. Nothing that I do turns out successful although I had put in great effort.

I got to know about Dorje Shugden from a family friend whom is very successful corporate figure. One day while having some drinks over at his place, I desperately requested for help as I was almost bankrupt. By then I already have three children, two of them are a pair of twins. There was just so much expenses piling up but my business was going downhill at lighting speed.

After telling my Johnson of my situation, he brought me to a small room and introduced me to a statue he referred to as the greatest Dharma Protector who can help resolved all my problems. As I was not very spiritual, I was not interested at all with what he was trying to explain to me. All I wanted was money to help solve my current problem!

After some time of explaining, he eventually loaned me some money but with the condition that I do a short prayer of Dorje Shugden every day. Obviously I agreed as long as he gave me the money I asked for. For the next few months, my wife and I did the prayer as we had faith Johnson will not deceive us. We were right in trusting our good friend who has now become my closest buddy and business partner.

The prayer worked wonders as time went by. My business started to pick up once again and slowly I had enough cash to repay Johnson and everyone else I owed money to. From then on, I invited a similiar statue of Dorje Shugden which Johnson has. Today, my entire family practices Dorje Shugden and we have been promoting it to all our friends and family. My business has become stable now but most importantly, my family and I are much closer and happier. We no longer suffer in hunger every night.

For this, I sincerely wish that my life experience with Dorje Shugden will bring benefit to you and everyone else as well. For I have been benefited tremendously, the time has come for me to spread this marvelous practice.

With a sincere motivation, please accept my prayers for this powerful Dharma Protector to be there with you always. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Andy Stoner

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