Blessed by Shugden – Marcus Lee


I think probably you don’t believe me but one of your lama really help me before with my business.

My name is Marcus Lee. I used to work in office but I quit my job last year because I want to become my own boss. I always wanted to become cook so I go to a food centre and I am open my own stall there to sell vegetarian laksa.

At first my business is okay. Vegetarian laksa is not so common so many people is come to eat it in my stall. But after three or four months then things become a bit different. My food centre is still very busy but my stall is very quiet. At first I thought my food is not good, because is a bit weird – the food centre is very busy, but no one come to my stall.

But then I talk to some of my friends and they said that they came to the food centre but they did not see my shop. Actually they said they see my shop but my shop look closed!!! I thought how could that be, because I open from morning until night every day and I never close! So after that I start to think maybe someone put some black magic on me.

I go to my local temple and got one sifu lama there. He is quite nice and he say he think is also black magic. So he pass me one brochure and pendant he pick up from Bugis, and he say can help me. I hang the pendant on my stall, and also I recite the Om Benza Wiki Bitana Soha on the brochure.

No joke okay, after one month everything is different and I start make money again. I go online also, got and and I read more and more. I learn this deity is call Dorje Shugden, and I am very surprise I learn His Holiness is not like this deity. I think is a bit strange. Anyway, Dorje Shugden really help me so I hope maybe one day you also like him too so he can help you.


Marcus Lee

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