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Friday, 2 December 2011

I’ve not been practising Dorje Shugden for very long but since I’ve been reciting his mantra, a great many wonderful things have happened.

I must tell you of this one incident involving my schnauzer Frodo. He’s the beloved of my beloved and means more to me than my family- I love him much more than my own wonderful daughter! (oh don’t worry, she knows and she understands!)

Last Thursday my dear Frodo fell ill with pancreatitis. It’s a terrible illness for doggies to have, and it’s usually fatal and causes them to have a great deal of pain. And my poor Frodo had this awful thing going on inside of him.

I didn’t know what else to do so I started reciting mantras. I’d visit the poor dear in the vets’ every day, and carry him in my lap and just stroke his head and recite whatever I know. I’m not the greatest at memorising so I did Medicine Buddha’s mantra, and also Dorje Shugden but I did more Dorje Shugden. And do you know what, after a few days, Frodo made a recovery! The vets were all shocked because they said normally it takes dogs much longer to recover from pancreatitis, if they can recover at all.

And you what else? I’d recently just come back from a trip to Nepal and had met an oracle, and the lovely man had given me some Protector rice that he said was blessed by Dorje Shugden himself. So when Frodo first took ill, I shoved a couple of grains down his mouth every day and made sure he ate it. And after that I took to soaking the grains in water, and letting him drink that water. It was simply the oddest thing when the vets told me Frodo wouldn’t drink any water other than the consecrated holy water that I gave him! In the end, they just gave up trying to give him water and asked me to feed him with the holy water instead.

Well, it just made me think that dogs are definitely much smarter than humans!

So my dearest Frodo is coming home tomorrow and I’m so so pleased! I can’t thank Dorje Shugden enough for his help. I feel awful because I’ve not been making a connection with him for very long but already he’s come to help someone I love. Fantastic deity really!

Jenn Kwok

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