Blessed by Shugden – Byron Cheng

Friday, 2 December 2011
Dear sir or madam:

I stumbled upon the practice of Dorje Shugden over the Internet when I was looking for some kind of good luck formula some 5 years ago. I read many books about motivation, get rich formulas and spirituality. I guess deep down I just wanted happiness but were bogged down with life’s mundane problems and complications; with commitments to family, business partners, colleagues and friends.
I am a born leader, as wherever I go I would inevitably be asked to lead or be at least the second in command. That brings a lot of responsibility and I struggled to balance my life around all these and the family. When I was hit by a financial crisis in 2000, I work diligently to solve the problems, working with lawyers and fighting the banks and creditors. Most of my debtors just did not pay. So in 2002/2003 I find myself with just 1 partner/good friend, no staff and saddled with millions owing to creditors and not much income and in depression.
I read many books on Buddhism, motivation and “get rich formulas”. I tried it all with some success in the sense that I was not depressed anymore but I still could not settle my loans.
In 2006, I stumbled upon the practice of Dorje Shugden and stated by simply chanting the mantra. In time I also started doing the daily prayers. Almost immediate I met my present business partners and embarked on a new business that I intended to do for some time. Over the years we achieved many breakthrough in my industry and is an industry leader today. I repaid almost all my creditors and will be free from this old debt in a few months when I pay my last installments. Meanwhile, my company went IPO and I am looking at a very good future financially.
I find that the protector Dorje Shudgen is very swift in helping me in everything that I asked for provided that is really beneficial to me. I know have a very happy life and my family has also benefitted tremendously from Him.
I plan to spend the rest of my life doing this practice also to help others in gaining happiness in this life and also maybe in their future lifes.

Byron Cheng

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