Blessed by Shugden – Cedric Woon

Dear Sir/Madam:

My name is Cedric Woon, living in Melbourne Australia. The reason I am writing in is that I have a story to share that happened to me years ago. As I come across this incredible moment in my life that still remains mystery until today.

Back in 2004, my mum was suffered from cancer and she was hospitalized for check up. I dislike the smell of hospital nor do I like to see my mum laying on the sick bed suffering. She was in a lot of pain, and it traumatized her physically and emotionally. I felt she was on the verge of giving up her life as it was too much pain for her to endure.

Our family is not religious in any way and my mum is a Christian. However, next to her bed, there was this kind lady from Hong Kong that soon became friend and she shared her story with us. She told us that she used to have spirit disturbances since young. Not exactly the nicest place to talk about spirits and ghosts, but what else to do right.

Then she mentioned that she seek help from all kinds of masters, mediums, temples and churches and the problem is still there. Not until one of her friend introduced to recite a mantra. Slowly, she experienced less and less encounters with the entity. Strangely, not only that she was also suffered from endometrial cancer; but she recovered so fast that the doctor also couldn’t explain why. So she told my mum to give it a try and it might work.

I half believed her but my mum seemed to be drawn to her method. So for days, my mum was reciting the mantra. Strange things begin to happen. My mum’s condition had gone better, not only that her mood is better, looked better and became more positive. She is fully recovered now! Not long after, my sister picked up the mantra and my whole family was reciting it.

Then I went into more in depth research on this particular deity and his name is Dorje Shugden and I realized that he is nothing but a Buddha! I read more and found out more information of the ban. I am very concerned as simple as it sounds, Dorje Shugden has helped my family in every way. What written was just a small part of it. He can’t be bad. And definitely he is not harming us in any way.

I am very sad to find out about the ban. Therefore I would like to write in to share my experiences and I am sure many are like me who have had good experiences with Dorje Shugden.


Cedric Woon


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  1. RonC says:

    What is that mantra? Please share, thank you

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