Blessed by Shugden – Jason Farrer

To whom it may concern,

I am a businessman and my job requires me to travel. Most of the time I’ll stay in small-town hotels. It’s usually in these hotels, I’ll experience spirit disturbances.

Some of these disturbances can be as serious as a knocking on my door on with nobody outside, and hearing creepy crying sounds. I used to think that I was imagining things until my colleague accompanied me on some of my business trips, and said she could hear it too. There were also instances when spirits pressed on me while I was sleeping.

I was googling about this problem and one day by chance, I bumped into From there I began to understand the meaning of this practise, so I downloaded the prayer card and learnt the mantra. Initially I just wanted to try it out, but then I realised a lot of strange things happened right after I recited the mantra.

Ever since I did the mantra “om benza viki bitana soha”, I realized that the disturbances began to go away. Even when I visited places where I had previously experienced these disturbances, nothing would disturb me on those visits when I recited the mantra…amazing!

As I started my daily short prayer of Dorje Shugden, I found myself to be more tolerant and patient. I was also becoming a lot happier as things in my life started to fall back into place. I was unexpectedly promoted at a time I was thinking of quitting the company I am still currently attached to.

I just want to highlight to you my feeling about Dorje Shugden. I find the ban unacceptable as I have actually benefitted a lot from this practice. I appeal to the Tibetan government that the ban be lifted as people like me have benefitted so much from this practice.

I feel that Dorje Shugden is a real Buddha because He saved me rather than harmed me.

Thank you.

Jason Farrer

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