Daknak Rinpoche celebrates Lama Tsongkhapa Day in Taiwan

His Eminence Daknak Rinpoche is Kyabje Dagom Rinpoche’s brother, Daknak Rinpoche has a center in Taiwan called The Chinese Gandenpa Buddhist Center, these are some pictures of their celebration of Lama Tsonghkapa Day in December 2011.










One Response to “Daknak Rinpoche celebrates Lama Tsongkhapa Day in Taiwan”
  1. Rinchen says:

    It is great to see that many people from Taiwan participating in celebrations like that. Collecting merits and blessings while they attend events like this.

    It is said that when we offer candles, it is very good. As candle would be light, and light represents wisdom. There is a saying that with the flame of the candle it would guide us to the correct path as it would allow us to see in the dark. Hence, it is very good to make candle offerings. It is said that we should offer 100,000 candles within our lifetime to collect merits.

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