Food Offering Prayers


OM AH HUM x3 (purify food)

Gangchen Shintey Soljey Tsongkhapa
Ngodrop Rikpay Wangchuk Gyaltsabje
Do-ngak Depey Dakpo Kedrup-je
Gyalwa Yabse Sumla Choparbul

Within the Snowy Land is the chariot leader Tsongkhapa
One who has power & great attainments Gyaltsabje
Master & holder of Sutra and Tantra Kedrup-Je
To the Exalted Enlightened Three Father and Sons, I offer this.



Gangshig Drenpa Tsamgyi Chinangi
Barche Kunsel Leshey Trinley Nam
Tsoldze Gyalchen Shugden Rig-nga Tsey
Tansung Kordang Chela Choparbul

All the obstacles from within and without
Completely you dispel and make things clear & fulfil activities,
To the 5 families of Dorje Shugden,
Your great entourage & assistants I offer this.




One Response to “Food Offering Prayers”
  1. Rinchen says:

    It is just great that prayers like this can be found online. I believe that it is very beneficial to many of us practitioners.

    It is also said that when you offer your food to the Buddhas before you consume it is very good. This is because not only do you collect merits by doing that, but if the food that is being served to you has some sort of black magic being cast on it, by offering the food that is given to you would help break that black magic. Not allowing the magic to harm you in anyway after you have consumed it. This is so as when the mantras are being recited, the blessing of the mantras would be able to counter the negativity that is being presented to you.

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