Great Prayer Festival at Shar Gaden

Thupten Thinley Rinpoche

The most venerated Geshe la, Thupten Thinley Rinpoche, who turned the wheel of dharma with great dedication and love for nearly one and half months at Shar Gaden Monastery is making prayers here at the five-day-long Great Prayer Festival. Many participants, who were endowed with good karma, were fortunate enough to receive wisdom from Rinpoche.

Source : Shar Gaden Facebook


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One Response to “Great Prayer Festival at Shar Gaden”
  1. Rinchen says:

    It is just great to see such images of lamas doing pujas blessing the people, land and beings that reside at that area.

    Through the prayer festival, it also reassures people that by doing prayers it does give us blessings. Through the blessings we will be able to do greater things. I believe it is also because of the merits gained from the prayers that allows us to grow materialistically and spiritually.

    It is so different in monasteries, the elder monks would do things on their own, leading and still working, keeping themselves occupied. But when compared to the laymen, it is so different. The elders would say things like they are too old to be doing something then asking the younger generation to help them with it. From this example, we can see how samsara has dragged us further down into our negative side of things.

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