by Kyabje Trijang Dorje Chang

Manjushri in angry form,
You are the hero in terrifying role.
Main of my powerful war gods,
You are the mighty Dorje Shugden.

Affectionate when cultivated,
You treat the commitment-abiding like a son (or daughter).
Powerful when beseeched,
Your ferocity is swifter than lightening.
When angry at the enemy,
You obliterate him to the seventh generation.

We your practitioners,
Pile torma (Wylie: gtor ma) like mountains;
Gather medicinal blood (sman rak) like sea;
Spread base substances (rten rzas) like the stars.

We honour you with the first part of food and drink;
We fulfill all that you want.
I am calling you from my heart;
Lend me your ear.

I practice you all the time;
Show me sign that I have succeeded.
Protect the command and the Teaching;
Show me your smiling face.

Be the war god in my protection;
Be my messenger and servant.
Be the fort of my protection;
Be the storekeeper of my people and possessions.

Be the day’s bodyguard;
Be the night’s watchman.
Be the cloak on my back;
Be my staff in the front.

Be the bridge over water,
And stairs on the rock.
Be those who see me off;
Be those welcoming me.

Raise me if I fall;
If I forget, remind me.
Be the doctor when I fall sick;
If poisoned, give me potent remedy.
For me, raise banners on the high points;
Blow conch-shell in cities.

If two equals debate, you should make the victor;
If two equals wrestle, you should determine the winner.
If two equals wager, you tip the winning edge;
If two equals compete in greatness, raise banners of greatness.

Kill the vengeful enemy;
Subdue obstructers.
Liberate those holding wrong views;
Prevent ill luck and ill omen.

Introduce me to a hundred advantages;
Foil a thousand disadvantages.
Remove obstacle of my hopes;
Fulfil all objectives.

Colophon: This was written by Trijang Rinpoche on the 1st day of 1st month of the Tibetan year iron boar ([circa March] 1959). May goodness increase! (Collected Works, Vol. Ca (5), pp. 525-26.)