Invocation to Lord Namkar Barzin

An Invocation to Lord Namkar Barzin

With great faith I take refuge in Lord Shakyamuni Buddha
Who with great self sacrifice perseverance achieved fully,
The peerless Enlightenment under the Bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya,
And with profound compassion turned the wheel of Dharma.

With great reverence I pay heartfelt homage to Lord Tsongkhapa,
Who as an emanation of the Lord of Speech Manjushri,
Took rebirth during the times that Shakyamuni’s teachings
Were on the decline and enacted the deeds of enlightened activities.

I bow to the Great Geshe of Dromo of Phari, who in dependence upon
Hearing, contemplation and meditation relied on the preliminaries
Of Tsongkapa retreat and the secret Mother Queen Vajra Yogini,
Achieved great siddhis and was a tremendous benefit to others.

Great Mongolian Geshe who was diligent and caught in storm returning,
Taunted and made fun of were the causes for you to manifest
‘compassionate’ anger to take on a form of a supreme Dharmapala,
I invoke your swift presence to this place now by the power of my refuge.

You who take on the form of a fully ordained monk holding sword which
Cuts the bonds of our temporal sufferings and difficulties,
Who holds a white skull cup representing that you have mastered tantra,
And who rides on a mystical gyaling as a mount, showing your tantric masteries.

Who rides amid psychic wind, fire and smoke with great speed,
And who has three eyes on the lookout for those in need of protection.
Since the great Mahasiddha of Phari, Dromo Geshe places confidence in you,
So I one with faith but little merit do also.

Please calm down the disturbances, fighting, violence, crime, in this
Region in which you are invoked. Many here are suffering unnecessarily.
Please calm the violence and hostilities here. Protect those without
Help and assistance. Let disturbing violence in this area stop.

Let the population have peace, harmony, prosperity and growth.
I invoke you and request you to be the protector of this region and
Keep a close eye on those who may be the object of crime and thievery.
Please calm the local guardians for they can come under your subjugation.

Have pity and great compassion to the one who is invoking you through
This prayer of request. Although our spiritual attainments are none, we have
Great faith in Lord Buddha and the holy Dharma, so with respect I remind you of the
Oath you have taken with the great Mahasiddha of Phari, Dromo Geshe Rinpoche.

I offer you milk, teas, cakes, biscuits, yoghurts, incense, lights, and various other
Offerings as to make a link with you. Please out of your great compassion, accept
And make this whole area at peace, prosperous and calm. Use your quick powerful
Actions and show immediate protection that is ongoing.

(recite as many times as possible)

Please manifest signs to all that are clear and evident of your much needed presence,
Show clear and swift results in helping the suffering of this area.
I invoke you and request you from my heart. You, great Mongol Geshe Namka Barzin,
Protect, protect and show your swift actions for all to witness.

Great Mongol Geshe whose mystical powers have been proven,
Who is known to be swift as wind and extremely fierce, gnawing your lower lip,
Whose reputation to guard the property and wealth of those who place faith in you is famed,
Show special favour to me that I may gain inner and outer accomplishments.

On a personal basis, be my guardian, friend and protector.
Grant me my needs and necessities and may they come easily.
May I gain wealth, prosperity and freedom from obstructers, human and non-human.
Make the situations arise that I may practice the Dharma in-depth.

Remain as my Dharma protector and calm interferences. May I be blessed by the
Faultless Shakyamuni, Tsongkhapa and Dromo Geshe in this life and all future lives.
Where there is unhappiness and sufferings, may it quell and be calmed. May I be of
Tremendous benefit to others and a fully enlightened being.

Composed by a Tulku of the Duldzin lineage

[The other powerful acolyte and entourage of Dorje Shugden is the
Mongolian Namkar Barzin who rides on the mythical animal gyaling.
He was included onto the entourage of Dorje Shugden by the 20th century Mahasiddha
Dromo Geshe Rinpoche who was well-known to be the emanation of Tsongkhapa himself
as told by the 13th Dalai Lama. Namkar Barzin also is a dharma protector in his own right
but serves Dorje Shugden as Kache Marpo does.]